Did you know that the Dyke is apparently haunted by a ‘grey lady’? 

According to www.ghostpubs.com,
“A woman working here was cleaning the beer pump handles when she felt she was being watched. She turned around and, near the fireplace about three yards away, she saw a ghostly woman… wearing a full-length grey dress with a pleated front and a high collar…. The ‘Grey Lady’ has been observed on many occasions by other members of staff, who have spoken to her only to see her disappear. There have been poltergeist activities over the years, with objects moving about and beer supplies being cut off from the cellar. “

And supernaturalearth.com tells us,
“An owner who observed the ghost in 1996 described her as ‘a woman wearing a long, high-necked grey dress which had a pleated pattern above the waist’…”

Have you heard stories about the Dyke’s resident ghost – or perhaps you’ve even seen the Grey Lady yourself? Let us know!