The Dyke Road Hotel was designed by local architect Charles Henry Buckman. Buckman carried out many residential projects around Brighton and Hove, and was used repeatedly by Tamplins Brewery for pub work; including designing the Station Hotel and the grade II listed Phoenix Brewery office.


Phoenix Brewery photo from ‘The Quaffer’ blog

Born around 1862, Charles was one of seven children, and his father was a Brewer’s Clerk. During his twenties Charles lived and worked in Woolwich, but was back in Brighton by 1891.

Buckman was admitted to Holloway sanatorium twice, firstly by his brother Arthur in May 1897 for melancholia, when it was noted he was missing his left foot. Two years later, he was admitted again by his sister Lydia, this time his occupation is noted as previously an architect. In May 1902 Buckman was transferred to Peckham House in Camberwell, a lunatic asylum. He died in January 1904, aged 41.