We Came. We Saw. We Quizzed.

On Saturday, we held our second fundraising quiz night at Exeter Street Hall to entertain the local community. Yet again, it was a sellout night with around 100 of us having the grey matter challenged by the brilliant Di Coke – the STDP Quiz Master. It was close at the top but the team from the Dyke Park Tennis club were victorious and walked away with a case of sparkling to toast their successes. Well done to them! 

The raffle was as popular as ever and we send huge thanks to those local businesses and individuals who donated prizes – Debbie Statham Hair, Oliver Blackaby Hair, Room 5, The Beauty RoomsHarrisons of Hove, Stopham Vineyard, JW Productions, The Booth Museum, The Good Companions, The Earth & Stars, Hartleys, Seven Cellars, Sebastian Pugo, Nick Taylor, and many more locals! Your generosity was much appreciated. 

Big thanks to Eleanor, Morgan, Lily & Matilda who ran the tuckshop & raffle ticket sales.

It was also great to see Ted & Joe’s “Sell the Dyke” temporary tattoos adorning arms (and a neck or two) – that’s commitment for you.

Exeter Street Hall volunteers also deserve a mention as they helped run the bar – quizzes are a thirsty business it seems – we are grateful for their help and were delighted to split the bar profits with them. In terms of where the money raised goes, the bulk of it is being used to pay planning specialist Dale Ingram for her services in advising us in the planning process. Remaining monies will go towards the costs of printing the leaflets that you many have seen through your doors.

Hope you had a great time. It was great to see so many people supporting the community. And sorry about the roman numeral question. They are not easy at the best of times but after a cider or two, no chance.

For those who couldn’t make it, quizmaster Di Coke has made a copy of her quiz questions available for download here (plus the answers!)

For those who couldn’t make it to the quiz, there will be a community meeting to catch up on the latest campaign news on Thursday 2 November – venue to be confirmed!