A revised set of plans from The Dyke’s owners – this time including a heritage statement – have been submitted to BHCC for a second consultation, and you have another opportunity to have your say on the Council’s Planning website before this Friday, 29th September 2017.

Even if you have already objected to the initial plans, you can object again – and we urge you to do so, by clicking Comments at http://bit.ly/BH201701917.

Why are we not supporting the owners’ plans? Because we believe the WHOLE Dyke Pub and Garden should be protected for future generations, and the current plans leave many question marks on the sustainability of a smaller, half-sized pub.

Following the first consultation we published our first newsletter, where we outlined areas where we felt the plans would be of detriment to the building, the community and the local space. In addition, our Pub Planning Consultant Dale Ingram produced a detailed report, summarised in our post Dale Ingram’s Objection to the Planning Application.

Many of our original objections still hold, and we’ve briefly mentioned new issues below. You might find them interesting or useful in preparing your own response.

  • Heritage – negative impact of rooflights on historic elevations. The Heritage Statement is inadequate, does not refer the the building’s setting and does not explain the key decisions such as putting the new pub on the south side.
  • Terrace – Pub terrace is sunlit in morning only and does not provide amenity that will adequately serve the community and sustain the pub long-term
  • Remainder of garden – Subdivision of a space that is part of an Asset of Community Value and setting of a locally listed building has not been explained or justified. The proposed use is unclear, although on social media, the applicant has confirmed development of the garden is not ruled out in future. Access to the garden from the shop is not proposed.
  • Access – Access route labelled but entrance door with level threshold not indicated. No accessible entrance to shop.
  • Security – Making side alley a public route is security risk to residents and pub users. It is not overlooked.
  • Quality of homes – Maisonettes have no parking, 4 bed maisonette has no private amenity, despite being of family size.

Residents are welcome to object or comment as many times as they like before 29th September 2017 at http://bit.ly/BH20170191. Please encourage your family and neighbours to get involved and have their say too!