With so many rumours circulating about The Dyke Pub, here’s the first in a series of Mythbusters to clarify what is fact and what is fiction…

Myth #1 – Only a small group of people are bothered about getting the Dyke Pub Back.

The Save The Dyke Group is NOT just a handful of campaigners.

Over 1500 people signed the ‘Save The Dyke’ petition, both online and in person.

The Save The Dyke Facebook group has over 750 members – almost 300 of these were actively posting, liking and commenting in December.

More than 300 people have attended meetings, social events and demonstrations organised by the group.

Our feedback survey was completed by 227 people who were keen to make their opinions known.

You only need to walk down the streets surrounding the pub to see ’Save The Dyke’ posters still up in windows. Hundreds of local people do care about the pub – and want it back!

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