It’s been more than a year since the Dyke Pub closed its doors suddenly.

Last month, adverts and flyers offering a 50% discount at the ‘New’ Dyke Pub appeared around Brighton and Hove – distributed by owners who don’t yet have planning permission for a pub.

So – is the pub reopening?

The short answer is No, it’s not. Not until planning permission is given – and there’s no guarantee that the application will be successful.

The Dyke’s owners submitted plans for redevelopment into a shop, flats and a small pub in June. They amended and re-submitted the redevelopment plans in August. The amended plans reinstate only the dark terrace area (the small pub will have no garden) and feature maisonettes instead of flats above the pub.

New plans mean a new three week consultation period, which started on 8th September when the Council sent out letters to affected residents and businesses. The local community are now invited to again have their say by supporting or objecting to the new plans on the planning portal at

The Council’s planning committee meets monthly to decide whether to approve planning applications – and we’ve been informed that the Dyke application isn’t likely to be considered until November, possibly even later than that.

There’s also Historic England to take into account – an application to get the Dyke listed was made in June, they have visited the site for an assessment and we await their decision. If it’s granted, the owners would need to submit another set of revised plans taking that into account, meaning further delay. 

The owners’ leaflets, advertising and posters focus on the small pub that he wants to open on the site – and yes, of course, it might sound great on paper. But their promotional campaign has neglected to mention that the pub will be half the size, combined with a shop, with no proper kitchen, no garden and new residential development above it.

The supporting comments added to the planning application since the ‘50% off’ flyers were distributed state that they would love a pub on the site (don’t we all!) – but do these people know the full story of the last 12 months, or are they just presuming the Dyke Pub is reopening exactly as it was last year? 

This ‘new’ Dyke Pub and its small terrace area is just a fraction of the planned development. At the end of the day, it’s the development above and behind the ’New Dyke Pub’ that affects its long term viability, whether that’s flats, maisonettes or houses. Let’s not forget that according to recent Facebook communications, Martin Webb still plans to develop on the pub garden in the future (remember the townhouse plans printed in the Argus in March?)

We are asking you, our local community to re-object to the owner’s amended redevelopment plans.

We believe the WHOLE Dyke Pub should be protected for future generations, and the current plans leave many question marks on the sustainability of a smaller, half-sized pub. More than 1400 people signed a petition to list the property and land as an asset of community value. Together we are campaigning because we believe that The Dyke can yet again be a profitable pub, restaurant and garden. There ARE alternatives to the owner’s plans – people are interested in buying the Dyke and keeping the whole thing as a pub and restaurant, and it could even be run as a community pub!

Have your say on the new plans

Residents are welcome to add as many comments as they like to the planning portal (whether in support of, or objecting to the latest plans) by 29th September 2017 – and here on the blog we also offer some reasons to object to the plans.

Get involved and have your say at – click COMMENTS.