The Dyke Pub was where we often met neighbours and friends and we took our child there for memorable, happy times. It was warm and welcoming and was the hub of a community; there aren’t many places like it.


My favourite nights at the Dyke were when they had live music on. There was one band in particular we’d go to see religiously every month. The place would be packed, we’d have to get there early in order to get a table but soon everyone would be on their feet dancing. It didn’t matter if you were young or old, or what you were wearing, it brought people together and it was a great atmosphere.


The pub itself is a beautiful building especially in the evening sun. It is a glorious pub, a landmark, fit for a special Brighton and Hove community. Ian

The Dyke has been a pub for just over 120 years, with the Windmill Inn standing in its place before that. I would like to see the Dyke continue to serve the local community for many years to come.


The Dyke was our central hub for the community. Most of our friends drink there and that is where we saw them 90% of the time…there is no other pub like it. We felt safe there, it was friendly and we met neighbours we would never have met otherwise, all of them great people. And it was a fun place to be! To have no Dyke pub will rip the heart and soul out of our community.

Simo & Mike

We have meet some really great people and had some terrific nights at the Dyke – it was much more than a local, also a community hub, and since the closure personally I have felt a great sense of loss.