Following the recent sale of The Dyke Pub, the opportunity to lease the ground floor is now available! An active and enthusiastic community has been campaigning to bring back a pub (and/or restaurant) and has a huge swell of support. In addition to an initial petition with 1,500 signatures, there is an active Facebook group of nearly 800 who all want somewhere to meet, eat and drink.

The pub is an iconic building at a busy junction on one of the main routes into Brighton and is situated in a catchment area of 20,000. Close to the Brighton Open Air Theatre in a densely populated area, the area has many local groups, societies and clubs who are all hoping to have the pub re-opened.

The Save the Dyke Pub volunteer group have recently met the new owners who are in the process of trying to find a lessee for the ground floor. The owners are open to all interested parties and the group have pledged to help support them in spreading the word.

There will be initial set up investment costs (bar, kitchen etc.) but it’s a great space. The Council have confirmed that reverting back from retail to A4/A3 usage will be viable. Further details are available from Carr & Priddle who are managing the lease, on 01273 208 010.

The community is ready and willing to offer its support (and spend money!) somewhere where we can meet, eat and drink again, locally. There are ready-made databases and social media groups to support the marketing, research data into what locals want from the Dyke and a genuine readiness from hundreds of locals to breathe life back into the pub.

This is a momentous time and looking ahead, both the new owners and the community are willing to work together to get The Dyke up and running again as a place to socialise.

If you’d like to discuss the lease with the Save The Dyke Pub group do drop us a line at